Concerts in Europe 2015?


Does anyone know if when LP had concerts in Europe 2014 so if they will have concerts in next year in Asia or what is the habit? :wink:


As far as I am aware of it, they generally tour the US and Europe alternately. They may come back in the later half of the year, but nothing as such is scheduled.


thanks :relaxed:


In june 2014 in Poland it was said sth like " we wanna come back soon " - in fact for me it’d be perfect to see the band once again in PL or in Czech Rep. :wink:


I have friends in Poland, so I can attend a show in there as I would have a place to live. Also, Germany has many LP fans. I probably wouldn’t get the tickets too :stuck_out_tongue:


There are big chances for EU tour 2015 :wink: Probably in July/August.


oh it would be great if they could come to Europe this year!!!


I really hope so ! :wink: There was no chance for me to attend the last concert in Leipzig. Too much duties in that time… and i had to sell my 2 tickets ;/ uhh


I hope you’re right, @xTirea. :weary:


So what do you think guys come LP to Europe in 2015? :eyes:


Honestly, they need to take a break. They’ve toured way too much for this album. 2 EU and 2 US tours? That’s a lot. I believe that IF they tour after the US Festival run, it will be Asia and AUS/NZ.


I hope that guys come to Finland this year!


Agree with @evooba

Time for a break (no pun intended Chester!).

They’ve worked their arses off n deserve some quality down time.


Yeap, exactly. And Chester has an STP tour too which barely leaves him any time to properly recover. Although, Mike did say they are booked till the end of the year so I highly doubt they’ll rest at all. It feels like they’re pushing this too far, they didn’t even tour that much for LT, dunno what’s gotten into them this album around.


I hope LP will come in Bulgaria!
There are many fans!


Good point @evooba … when are they gonna rest this year?!

Be interesting to see if they take an extended break after such a hard year… my money’s currently on no!


Their break means more writing and studio time lol.


So Finland and Moscow are new concerts


Hunting Party tour is back on in Europe it seems


Now with the Austria announcement we can forget about Pukkelpop (Belgium), which is on the same days (20-22/08).