Concerts + meet & greets


So looking at prices of tickets for venues in europe, i go to get tickets when i see some real complicated ticket prices! is it a case that the standard “free meet and greet” that we got before now has a price on it???or does it discount off the more expensive ticket prices??? because when i originally started subscribing to LPU i understood that meet and greets with the band were free with the subscription???

any help here would be great as i want to get tickets sorted soon



You can still get a Meet&Greet for free with the lottery this is just a new way to make sure you don’t need luck to meet them. The Premium Packages are extremely limited rest is lottery


ok man thanks!

and just wondering as u answered that u might know, are all shows general admittance??or do u pay more to get closer to the stage??


Would be best if you send Lorenzo a private msg and ask all your questions.