Confetti Parade: "MAD DOGS" ["Wretches" remix]


I couldn’t find a dedicated fan remix thread, if one exists.


ot lol @minuteforce:Hi why are you up so early


Didn’t you see her profile? She’s apparently from Australia, I think @minuteforce’s the same person that is in the LPA.


ah ok, thanks @samueel_the_leader, :yum:really, I didn´t even mention to connect them him/her @minuteforce with LPA, I love core fans who are there, where the spirit is, but really, I think I rem your name

next time I´m joining I´m more attentive… :smile:or how does it call if you look really with care?


Yup @minuteforce LPA

What? Didn’t I say before I don’t have an LPA account? (I also don’t have an LPL account)