Congratulations Mike & Thank You


To Mike,

There isn’t much to say than what has already been said. But, you deserve rounds of congratulations. Congratulations on the release of your album, Post Traumatic! Your work ethic, resolve, grit, and determination have fueled you and us through a very tough year……so CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU!!!

I can only imagine that the statements I have here closely resemble the thoughts and feelings from countless others within the LPU and broader LP community. You’ve taken the worst pain and created art out of it. I don’t think there is a better way to handle grief and loss than by the example you have demonstrated over the past 11 months. You have found your personal place to start and have allowed us to experience your journey as its happening. By doing so, you have given us a formula to follow that will aid countless people out of their personal darkness.

Since 2001, I have always admired you. It was evident, early on, that you were the glue of Linkin Park. You were navigating the ship, you were course correcting, you were in control and leading the brunt of the overall creative effort. Today, you aren’t just leading the band, you’re leading us. You’re leading the charge to regain control of a ship that hit rocks you couldn’t see. As I’m sure you know, you are not alone in this effort. Your continued openness to allow your fans in will help you rebuild this ship and send it on its way. The water is open, the ship is afloat now, and we want to help you raise the sails……

Congratulations Mike & Thank You!!!


Thats a really nice letter to Mike, I can agree what your writing there! I can´t wait to see him live at cologne :hugs:


Great post!:+1: I’m SO GLAD Mike decided to continue to make music! He is SO TALENTED and it would have been such a pity if his talent would have gone to waste. We already lost one amazing artist (Chester), so it would have been tragic to lose Mike’s talent with it. The #PostTraumatic album is AWESOME! I love every single song on it! :+1: I CAN’T WAIT to see Mike live on tour!!! :smile: