Congratulations on the EMA


Well deserved win… you guys ROCK!


Well…they deserve it but I wouldn’t consider ‘Castle Of Glass’ as a ‘real’ rock song.
The song is awesome, but I just don’t like the idea behind putting the song together with ‘Crawling’ for example ^^


Of course they deserve it, and about reward in my country it was translated as the best rock band not song.


LP deserve every award they win like legit. Congrats to them.


the award has nothing to do with a song. It’s just “best rock” in general. The only reason they played CoG in the speech was because it’s the current single


Well done LP. The only winners that night who actually deserved to win.


Congratulations, someone saw the message of thanks from Chester and Brad? Very funny!


yeahhhhhhhhhhh :smiley: great!! But I think LP had deserved a nomination and to win as “Best Liveact” too.

@Daniel Barrachina: yes, this message was very funny :smiley: hahahaha


they deserve it 100%. And the “enemys” this time was hard, very good bands. And yeah they also should have best “Live Act” and “Best Fans”… i mean hello??? they have the best fans.

And congratulation to Bieber for best female…oh no she in the wrong category. ^^


Yeah, I’m so proud they won :slight_smile:

@The Big_D: Yes, they should definitely get Best Fans. I mean, there’s no Underground like LP Undergroud, right?


Yes, they totally deserved the award! Excellent Job LP!! You are by far the “Best Rock” !! = D


I voted lots of times like I promised I would. :slight_smile: And I can’t tell you enough how excited I was.:slight_smile: Mission accomplished everyone! :slight_smile: Thanks for helping them win this!


The acceptance speech was hilarious ha ha


Those were tough opponents to beat.


Well done for the best band ever [mrgreen]