Contest 5th to 1st place


Has anybody received anything for coming in 5th to 1st from the contest besides getting early access to the presale tickets?


When is the contest.


It was awhile ago when tickets when on sale


oh I did not know that, but now I know


Nope. We were told we would be hearing from someone the wk of May 22nd but haven’t heard anything yet.


I haven’t either…I didn’t win meet and greet but I did come in 5th so they said we would get some stuff lol


I was in second. People on another forum still haven’t heard either. I hope we will soon though.


@mandis103 I just received an email about meet and greet I earned during presale. Just wanted to let you know.


Same here but for merchandise
Was asked to fill in a form and that they’d let you know when it was ready


Did they tell you what you were getting in the package?


No but they do ask for shirt size so I assume that, I don’t know what else
Something in there is autographed so there’s that too