Contribute to LPCatalog!


Ok so aside of the collectors thread which is quite popular on the forums, this is a thread where we would like to hear from You guys. Especially on the scans we are missing (well our huge at the moment database is :P) If anyone would like to contribute we will be glad to get some high quality scans from you. This is the current list of items we still need. The list itself is under construction cause it’s massive. Current items we would like to get scans of:


Crawl Back In - United States, Clone CD
Let Down - United States, Clone CD
Fire, Australia, CD-R
Fire/Crawl Back In, Japan, CD-R
Fire/My Suffering, UK, CD-R
Inside Of Me, US, Clone CD

----------------Out Of Ashes Album
Korea, WKPD-0084
Japan, WPCR-13627
United States, 520658-1, 12"

----------------Out Of Ashes Promo
Thailand, Promo Only Stamp
United Kingdom, CD-R, Watermarked 55880-17
United Kingdom, CD-R, Watermarked 2 56153-05
United Kingdom, CD-R, Watermarked 3 56625-02
United States, CD-R, Watermarked 57057-04
United States, Info Sticker On Case


Believe Me - European Union, 9362 42859 2
Believe Me - Australia Promo
Believe Me - United Kingdom, PR015613
Believe Me - United Kingdom, VHS

Misc - AOL Music Sessions Raw Footage
Misc - AOL Sessions Performances & Interview Texted W/ Bug” DVDR (41:26)

Petrified, US, PRO-CDR-101683, Error
Remember The Name, Australia, WCDB815
Remember The Name, Australia, WCDB825
S.C.O.M./Dolla/Get It/Spraypaint & Ink Pens, US, PRO-A-101815-(A-D)-SR1

Petrified/RTN, US, PRO-CDR-101579 UPDATE!

Where’d You Go - European Union, 5439-15814-2 Cardsleeve UPDATE!
Where’d You Go - European Union, 9362 42901-2 UPDATE!
Where’d You Go - Australia, 9362-42901-2

Where’d You Go - BENELUX, CD-R
Where’d You Go - European Union, FM-63, Vinyl, 12"
Where’d You Go - Sweden, CD-R
Where’d You Go - United States, Clone CD
Where’d You Go - Japan, CD-R UPDATE!
Where’d You Go - United States, DVD-R UPDATE!

We Major - US CD Album Orange Cover
We Major - US Cardsleeve CD Album
We Major - US 12 Track Promo Vinyls (PRO-A-101815-(A-D)-SR1)

Australia, Digipack
Canada, CDW 49388, Digipack
Japan, WPCR-12219

SE Australia, 9362494102
SE Japan, WPZR-30130-1

Japan, 3 Track Sampler
Japan, Promo Sticker On Case
Thailand, Promo Only Stamp
United Kingdom, CD-R 5 Song Sampler
United Kingdom, Watermarked CD, 21 Tracks
United States, AOL Sessions
United States, Watermarked, 16 Tracks
United States, Watermarked, 21 Tracks
Taiwan UPDATE!


Japan CD Album (WPCR-10877)
Japan CD Album (WPCR-10982)
Japan CD Album (WPCR-22001)
Mexico CD Album (477552 2)
Ukraine CD Album (9 47755-2, OD 000785)
Russia Cassette Album (9362-47755-4)
Germany Cassette Album (9362-47755-4)
USA Cassette Album (9 47755-4)

SE United States, 9 48267-4, Cassette
SE Malaysia, 482672
SE China Special Edition Cassette (JH-1463)
Europe Special Edition Cassette (9 48267-4)
Australia, CD-R
Japan CD Album (WPCR-10877) Promotional copy matrix "STAMP"
UK Promo CDR Album
UK Promo CDR Album “12 Tracks”
USA Gold Stamped CD Album (9 47755) Signed By ALL & Koziol [1]
USA BMG Issue CD Album (D138183) [1] [2]
USA Internal CDR Album (CD Clone 7/18/2000) ”Mr. Hahn’s Itch” on Tracklist UPDATE
USA Internal CDR Album (CD Clone 9/11/2000)
USA 3/4” Mastering Promo VHS

One Step Closer - France, CD-R
One Step Closer - United States, Multitracks

Crawling - UK Clear Cassette (W556C>5439167604)
Crawling - USA Promo VHS (4/09/2001)

Papercut - Greece Promo CD (W5562CD 9362 42393 2) Sticker on Case
Papercut - Taiwan 2 Track Electrostatic Bag Promo CD

In the End - Australia CD Single (9362424122) W569CD

Points of Authority - 2 Track USA Promo Cassette (PRO-C-100273)
Points of Authority - USA DJ DVDR
Points of Authority - 2 Track China Promo VCD

My December - USA Internal CDR (CD Clone November 30th 2000)


Australia DVD (7599385542)
Japan DVD (WPBR-90226)
Japan DVD (WPBR-90317)
Japan DVD (WPBR-95016)
Japan VHS (WPVR-90057)
Taiwan DVD
Germany PAL (7599 38554-9)

UPDATE! means that we need a higher quality scan/s or other scans missing in the item.

If anyone has any of the items above and would like to contribute, please contact us at or Thanks :slight_smile: