Could someone help me by following someone on twitter?


hey, my girlfirend (shes lp fan and lpu member) promised to play given up on the street in her city if she get 2500 follower on twitter until the 30th november 2012. She thought she will never achieve 2500 follower until this day therefore she started this bet and i wnat to win it because i want to hear her playing given up on guitar and singing the song. At the moment she have 2376 follower only 124 to win the bet. I would really appreciate if some of u could follow her, at least until 30th november. After that no matter if u unfollow her or not, but she has interesting tweets is very nice and her favorite twitter topics are linkin park and metal :smiley:

Her nick on twitter is @sassiloveslp

Thanks for the support.


btw feel free to add me on lpu, fb or twitter :wink:


Sure I follow. But you go and film her [biggrin]


@sassiloveslp IS YOUR gIRL FRIEND kEVIN :ooooooooooooooooo IM IN A SHOCK KNOWING THIS :3 both of u didnt tell me this [surprised][sad] im already following her tho


Followed… well looking forward to see her performance… All the best from my side :slight_smile:


Already followed for a long time :slight_smile:


@SHOEGAE4U thank u for following her :3 unfortunately i cant film it, she lives 350 km away from me. :frowning: but i hope someone will film it :o

@ara yes she is my girlfriend :smiley: thought u know that, because we said it on twitter, fb and lpu chat :stuck_out_tongue:

@LPRADEEPS thank u too, i hope we win the bet :smiley:

@lpfan1989 thank u for constributing :smiley: i hope i can find more people who follow her …

she has 2383 followers already but only eleven days to go, im too slow :frowning: but thank u for your help, maybe we achieve the goal :3

#7 o.O
I can’t believe you really did this…
BUT: you’re not going to win this time! Muahahahaha :smiley:


yep i did it i want to hear u playing given up on the street :3


I have 2398 followers now, ****! :smiley:


u chose the wrong enemy :3 :stuck_out_tongue: but i still need 101 follower for u :frowning:


was already following but tweeted to get those last 89 for her/you!


thank u very much perky, i hope we will win the battle i want to see that :smiley:


Follow !!! 2428

To close…!!!


Already followed! I wanna here this one too! xD

Btw, I followed you too in twitter, just so that you know! :'D


thanks to both of u and yes i noticed that u follow me :wink:


Now I have 2459 followers. Pretty short thing now…


yeah i hope we win :smiley:


thanks to all who followed her or would have followed if they had twitter :smiley: we almost won the bet, only 5 followers to go until tommorow. i think we will win :wink:


thanks for the support we just won the bet ^^