Couldn't save you


Why don’t we listen when you were asking for are help
You showed us the signs
but we choose to ignore them
Now you’re gone and we could never bring you back
You saved millions
But millions couldn’t save one
You showed light in a dark world
You showed us your dedication
And you gave others your passion
You were there for millions
But then why weren’t there millions there for you
You keep demions inside you for so long
That they started to control you
Then you fell into a deep depression
Til you just couldn’t take any more
We should have known that you need help
But refused to listen to the signs
We should have known that you
couldn’t deal with this on your own
Still you were able to save millions
But millions couldn’t save one
You poured your heart into everything you did
And you should us your dedication
And gave others your passion
Yet we choose not to listen
This started when you were little
Until your mind turned brittle
This thoughts in your head started to consume you
And it was just to late to leave the past behind you
Now you’re gone never to return
And you saved millions
But millions couldn’t save one
You saved millions
But millions couldn’t save one
You saved millions
but millions couldn’t you
Millions couldn’t save you
Couldn’t save you


This is exactly what I’ve been thinking since he died. Thanks for sharing.


You welcome I wrote this I think two or three weeks after but I don’t know and It took me to just now to finish it up sorry it is up so late but it took me a long time to edit @melissa320


They are questions that can’t be answered by him unfortunately. It is a crushing scenario which all of LP and fans have lived through.

I just don’t feel the situation is right still and I look into it day by day…


That’s a great poem dedicated to Chester thanks for sharing that :grin:


Thank you yeah I wrote that I think I wrote that about 2 or 3 weeks after And I just wrote my feelings at the time but it took me to just know to get the courage to post it and and I shared this with my writing club but they really don’t get it but I know you guys would get and understand it and understand why I wrote this cause my writing club just doesn’t get why I still upset up this and thank you to everyone that took thier time to read it. @annejprado


It an amazing.


Thank you that means a lot to me I am just lost for words