Covering a Linkin Park song


What is your favorite LP song that you like to cover on an acoustic or electric guitar?


Probably Final Masquerade or Leave Out All The Rest for acoustic. Not sure about electric, I like a lot of them, THP songs are all fun to play since they’re fresh I guess.


Shadow Of The Day :grimacing:


I love playing those two. Cheers.


I can totally imagine a What We Don’t Know acoustic.


I can cover most of them, vocals and guitar. I’m still working on Blackout, its probably the hardest to sing. Even KTTK is easier to sing! Theyre all a blast to sing/scream/play though.
My favorites to cover are the Ballad Medley acoustic, Mark the Graves (guitar and vocals for all these BTW), TLTGYA, Waiting for the End acoustic, Let Down acoustic (DBS but still lol), Final Masquerade (acoustic and the original), Castle of Glass acoustic, In My Remains (need to learn an acoustic version, but the original is so fun!), I’ll Be Gone (I want to make a mash up cover of Primo and I’ll Be Gone this summer), and QWERTY. Like I said though, they’re all amazing to sing and play.
I cover a lot of 30stm stuff too (The Kill is probably the hardest song ever to sing in one take o.o), both acoustic and electric arrangements.

There’s a link to my SoundCloud with covers I made on my phone of Final Masquerade and TLTGYA in my profile if anyone wants to hear lol :slight_smile:

#7 Cheeky little One Step Closer cover I made :slight_smile:)
I usually work on original material


I regularly perform Skin to Bone as a solo acoustic piece. I’ve also done The Messenger a couple times (in a much lower key, and often mashed up with Glycerine by Bush), and I think I did Morning After by Dead By Sunrise once. I’ve also performed the remix of Roads Untraveled I did with my friend Jake for LPA’s “Reliving Things” project live, with the aid of some backing tracks (I also sing the lead vocal instead of using the original vocal track like on the recording).