Creating your own Burn It Down music video


I seriously just barely saw this and got excited and immediately got an idea in my head. Is anyone else trying to compete in this? I got a friend that directs videos and of course I’m an artist so I’ll be making a video of my own definitely. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Lucky! I have an idea, but I’ve barely learned to do simply coloring in Photoshop, I do not believe I can pull off any type of video lol


i would so want to be a part of this contest
but unfortunately i know nothing about making videos
my little photoshop knowledge aint gonna help me this time


I have a degree in film with a focuses in Writing & Directing. I know how to edit, but I’m a horrible graphic designer. I know the top films are going to have crazy special effects. I have an idea, but I just don’t have the skills to do it. I was lookin for a team, but I moved away from all my film buddies. :confused:


It’s cool if people go all out to make a visual effects video. But I bet you the winning video will be something original. I ain’t trying to sound cocky but if everything goes the way I plan it to go, I might be there in the top videos. If not, at least I got a good video that’s online for people to enjoy. We’ll see tho :slight_smile: