Creator of REANITHEORY (if anyone remembers) trying to start own personal project


hey all, I havent been around LP forums in quite some time. Im not sure who is still around or still remembers my remix album Reanitheory i made while i was in highschool like 10 years ago lol but i am trying to start my own thing with the ideas brewing in my mind. if anyone around is still interested in my work you can find it at

there is also a gofundme page link at the top of the site if you feel so inclined - it is for some equipment and software i dont currently have and would like to make something very much worth listening to. currently sitting at 0$ donation :wink:

if you would like to hear reanitheory for the first time or for some nostalgia someone posted the playlist on youtube. other wise I might be uploading them onto my site soon

thank you all <3


@MightyAimetti At that time I didn’t bother about remix albums at all. Nowadays I’m trying to find all those good remix albums that I missed, but now I can’t find them, such as Xefuzion’s first remix album.