Crustacean (Our First Song.)


Touched by the air and the waves
Feeling shy and afraid of myself
A thousand monsters desire my body
I walk nowhere yelling from the inside:
Am I a crustacean?

The current is the only thing
That keeps me alive
It’s like my wall, my barrier
But the only way of survive
If I follow its orders.

I feel like a crustacean
Waiting for its destiny
But I’m tired of be what they want
I want to be more like the tiger

I belong out there
I need to leave the beach
And find the sky
In my mental path.

As a writer I like to hide things in my work, this is not the exception Can you find it?

Feel free to comment it.


Yeah but the poem is amazing !! so nicely written

dont say chester’s death… or is it the mean people and the dominating ones?


It’s a song :sweat_smile:
No. Nothing about Chester’s death in this song.
More than less, you’re close.


Wow! :v:️:wink::v:


oh sorry!

hmm… cant think of anything rn…
work hard…something like that?


It’s ok.

No. The message is more personal perception than other thing.


oh i will try to guess then


Beautiful Song!would like to hear you sing… :relaxed:
The message…I think you’re talking about personal feelings…maybe you have sad thoughts and then you found something,like an armour that protect you and could help you to stay strong and don’t give up and go on with your life??
It’s this what I feel while reading it…:relaxed:


Yeah! You get the half part of it. There is other part, other perspective.


The rhyme isn’t shown but it has a tempo and great flow. Nice job!
Besides, you haven’t mentioned the genre. I’m curious:3


:smile: we’re twins after all… :blush:
Other part… :thinking: maybe you want to change something more, but for now is only in your mind…maybe one day this could become true… :wink:


Thank you!

It’s Alternative Rock.
We -my brother and I- still are working in some details.


That’s true!
I didn’t see it like that, but it’s possible too.


Just curious… do you play some instrument too with your brother?like a duo… :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :drum:


By the moment I just write the letter. I’m learning to sing and play guitar, even if I’m looking for the possibility to play the keyboard.

We’re looking for someone who can play the bass and the drums. So right now there are just he and I.


So you’re the singer! :microphone: Good to have a family member with same passions… :wink:


Do you sing too? :star_struck: :sunglasses: that’s awesome sister!
I began to learn like 1 or 2 week ago, so, I’m new in that world yet.


Very nice! I look forward to hearing your actual music. I also like the lyrics


Nooo!I sing out of tune… :grimacing:
Learn fast so we can hear you! :rofl:


Thank you!

I’m in that range yet. I can’t hold the air enough…

I’ll do my best.