Curitiba and porto alegre pre sale


what time does it starts?!

i thought it was today 9 am local time.


no need to panic… will probably begin soon


It will start when you aren’t in front of the PC. Murphy said.


I was was thinking in create the same topic! I woke up 8:00 am for this pre sale, but theres nothing until now!

Let’s continue waiting and pressing F5 every minute.


unfortunately, this will happen here…




I hope this start at 9:00 pm


I just got home from school earlier just to buy the tickets and it’s not avaiable yet FML


Its open now !


qual é a senha para comprar o ingresso/???//


E qual o “código promocional” para fazer a compra no Ticketforfun???

Estou tentando aqui, mas não acho o código de jeito nenhum! Ajuda ai por favor.


The password is not working ;x


the password is wrong, please, someone


Temos que esperar um pouco acho que vao liberar ainda ! :S




Thanks a lot!


More information here:

and please don’t share this password!


Alguém me ajuda ai, não estou conseguindo selecionar os ingressos, não carrega a página:


tenta trocar de navegador, fiz com o firefox aqui e deu tudo certo !


Hi guys,

Does the tickets that i bought from pre-sales only for LPU members? Or i’m just being crazy?

Thanks in advance!!!