I don’t know what’s up but every case of LP’s album I bought are damaged. At first I thought It’s just my bad luck that I got a damaged one then I bought the LT album and it’s case is also damaged. Now I think its a curse 'cause recently I got my LPU 12 CD and after I open it the thing that holds the CD is damaged. LP, if you’re reading this please release the next album in a steel case.


Yeah, it kinda sucks how cheap the regular plastic cases are. I’d love a steel case.


a curse? xD i dont think so
i got the LPU demo cd of this year and it looks fine
and it had to travel all the way from america to my country in europe
yeah xD


This is why I hate jewel case CD’s. I used to buy tons of CD’s back in the day in jewel case’s and they always got damaged. I only buy LP’s physical CD’s nowadays and it sucks that Living Things was jewel case for this very reason. I ordered Living Things+ (Live In Berlin) from Amazon, and the jewel case was also damaged… I loved when LP did the paper CD cases like they did with Reanimation, Meteora, Live In Texas, Collision Course, Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns. Of coarse, jewel cases existed of those too, but they had the option of paper or jewel.