Cute Slinderman


Renegade bunnies

Since Halloween is officially tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to start posting pictures to help you sleep at night. Cute Slinderman pictures. So find them, because their out there. Just.
H. I. M.


Talk amongst yourselves


Did this seriously require it’s own topic?




This forum has become all about bunnies and unicorn poop.


Wellllllll if you must know us lpuers for centuries, have been haunted by a number. I number so daemonic, so powerful, so unnatural it makes 666 look like a happy number. The number that could end colonies. A number so pro found a people choose not to speak it. I am talking about that one number that hinted a lpuers distinction. And that number… Is… @jFar920 @LP13413 @FudgeBunneh @myyr @numb_kid @EvoOba @purrfect @derek


@purrfect knows what’s up. (drops bunny mic)



Talking amongst each other? Ok nice… Will we discuss sth like maybe values? My First Life- leading value is honesty… But I guess this thread isn’t meant this serious @intheend ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omgosh!!! Guys!!! The new Tim Burton movie!!! it has Jack’s brother!!! IT HAS SLENDERMAN!!!


I can’t wait to watch Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Burton + good books = awesomeness.






Seven days…


October is here! The best month ever!! Muwhahahahahaha.

I’m bored ;-;




What the hell is that D;


Burtons cat…meowwww


Guys. I found another cousin of Slenderman and Jack. His name is Grinning man.

A new guy. He’s pretty cool. DISCUSS!!!