Anybody else going to the dallas concert :D???


I am :smiley:


Me, my sister and her friend–woohoo girls weekend!!


I am!! making the drive from San Antonio to Dallas![biggrin]


I am! Coming from Tulsa. Won my first meet and greet!


-I AM!!!


I have an extra PIT TICKET for the Dallas show if anyone is interested msg me. I am selling it at face value.


I am!
What time are y’all planning on getting there?


Hey! I’m attending at Dallas too! My first concert ever! And I got a MEET AND GREET TOO!! Whoooo Hooo! :slight_smile: See y’alll der!


Hey Guys, I live in Arlington and I was wondering if I could car pool with somebody! Can anybody pick me up? :slight_smile: Pleaseeee