Darien Lake 8/21


Hello everyone,

My very first post on here! So who will be attending the show in Buffalo this summer? This is sadly going to be…my first time seeing LP. They’ve been hiding from upstate New York for a while now and I finally have the chance. I have pit tickets for the show, who else here will I be seeing that day. It would be cool to make new friends before the show.

That being said, my fb profile is linked on my info page. Check out the concert photography I do. I’m trying to become “legit” and land media/photo passes in the future. It’s just a fun hobby of mine that started a few years back, after days of cell phone shots didn’t cut it for me anymore.

Looking forward to the show!



Wow, LP has not played at Darien Center since 2007! Long time! I am attending the Darien Center show, it will be awesome.


I will be attending this as my very first LP concert as well. I just couldn’t make ends meet for the ones before now, and having the summit be there now as well has been an awesome surprise, can’t wait! Hope to meet some new friends along the way.