Darker Than Blood (S. Aoki ft. LP)


So what do you think about “Darker than Blood”?
IMO it’s amazing song. I love drops and last chorus. It’s so much better than “A Light That Never Comes”.


EDM is not me genre. For me, ALTNC was way better than this song. This song has its own beautiful parts, but it feels like the song misses something that I like :stuck_out_tongue:


Not my cup of tea at all.


I hope they will remix this bloody track a lil…


@evooba & @gatsiesheikar Thanks! I thought I was going to be alone :smiley:


I’m not a fan of EDM music at all. I didn’t like ALTNC either and Recharged is like the grossest LP album for me lol.


Not my type of music either but I’ll go check it out. Besides it’s a Steve Aoki song feat LP so I mean I’m not expecting LP’S music genre top be involved…ps ALTNC is better indeed


I’ve seen pictures of the video on Rollingstone’s website, that goes with this bloody track. The video seems fun. I think I’d watch it with sound off, though.

It’s not that I don’t like EDM or whatever. I like all sorts of genres. This song, however, I just don’t know… But it doesn’t do it for me, for some reason. Sometimes LP experiments need to grow on you, but I’m not sure if this version ever will… Glad to see others share that feeling indeed :smile:

The only thing that would make this worth while, is if Shinoda would bust out into dance :stuck_out_tongue:

Recharged was a mayor buzz kill for me too.


My only concern about the video is that it only features Mike which raises the question: Was Mike the only one that wanted to do this second song with Aoki? Probably in my opinion. Cause otherwise, Chester at least, should have been in it since he’s singing.


Considering I like LP and EDM. I like it.


EDM Why??? I Hate U

(Also EDM sounding [irony])


I like it. But I am waiting for Fort Minor album. Mike Shinoda, when will you drop it?


Fort Minor Ten Years
Fort Minor Ten Years!
Fort Minor Ten Years!!!
Where’d you go
I missed you so


I’m not a fan of EDM music too, like you. Generally I listen to some metal genres, but this song is very good. I like it! :smiley:


MIKE! We want new Fort Minor music!
I would love some newschool rap by Mike.


@Gatsie if Recharged was a buzz kill, I think you havent listened to A Light That Never Comes (Remixes) :joy:

@xTirea I think ALTNC, at the least, had a catchy tune (which I think not everyone agrees to). For me, I think this shows there is a major difference between “Linkin Park ft Steve Aoki” & “Steve Aoki ft LP”.


i like the song, its different
my opinion, it´s much better than A Light That Never Comes


I find the song okay. It´s better than ALTNC. :wink:


Quite True… (If the song wasn’t good to begin with)


On a somewhat not so similar note:
Who on earth (still) listens to Nickelback? I don’t.
(Baffling music recommendations:)

Only former Linkin Park fans who can’t accept that LP has changed (Nickelback never changes)