Dear Chester/LINKIN PARKwas


Chester you are more loved than you know and more important than you might have thought. I just want to say thank you to you, Linkin Park and all of your families for letting us fans share your joy & light with all of us. I grew up with you guys since I was 13 & now I am 31. You got me through some hard moments & I can never repay you for it. I would sleep to your voice. When people would ask me why I liked LP…I would say their words matter. I was bad at explaining how I felt & you would sing exactly what I couldn’t put into words. I miss your energy, your laugh, your smile, your thoughtfulness, and your jokes. Linkin Park was never a band to me but home…it felt like family after 17 years. I remember the morning you passed I couldn’t sleep that night…I kept tossing and turning…I had a bad feeling in my stomach that something was wrong. I had a weird feeling that someone I loved or held close to my heart was going to commit suicide. I can’t explain it…it came out of nowhere and I just started looking at names in my phone…I had an urgency to call someone but I didn’t know whom. I think this may of been your way of saying goodbye…I knocked out of exhaustion…and woke up late to a lot of missed calls, texts and so forth asking if I was okay and if I heard the news. I was in shocked and crying for days…I still feel this is a dream. I was suppose to see you guys in Oct. 22 and I had a weird feeling I wasn’t going to go…i even told my mom…I think something might happen to the band before then…the last months haunted me and my worst fear came true. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you the way you helped me…many times. I will continue to pray for you and your love ones & the LP family. You guys don’t owe us anything but given so much of yourselves to your fans…calling us kids…I am truly grateful for that. You were a light in a dark world…your legacy lives on with all the lives you touched…I will always think of you…and will remain a LP fan no matter what the band decides to do. I hope you find peace. Thank you Chester, LP, and family.


@melissastein What a beautifully written letter. Thank you for sharing your heart. I feel the same way about always being an LP fan no matter what they decide to do. They need our love and support to help them through this difficult season. Your letter reflects what a faithful LP fan should be like. Through the good and bad times we stay loyal to them. Peace to you fellow faithful LP fan. :slightly_smiling_face:


Beautifully written