Decorate a guitar pick for brad's birthday project!



If you knew me before today, you might know that I was the organizer of a Birthday Project for our favorite bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell in February of this year! If you don’t know about it, feel free to read my blog about the project from start to finish which includes handing it off to him at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas just one week after his birthday! It was a great success & more than anything that I would’ve expected. Here we are October 23rd & lead guitarist Brad Delson starts out the LP Birthdays.

A friend of mine will be seeing the band in December & asked me if I wanted to organize a project for Brad since his birthday is December 1… “OF COURSE!” I Said. He isn’t on social media & what a great way to unite the fans for another project & Show Brad our love. BIG BAD BRAD’S BIRTHDAY!!!

I intend to start Phoenix’s Birthday Project soon as well… so stay tuned for that! The “Birthday cards” were already done for Phoenix so I thought of doing something fun for Brad that would allow plenty of fans to participate from all over the world! We will each be decorating a GUITAR PICK for Brad to wish him a happy birthday! There are several ways that people can join in so that everyone can participate!!!

HOW TO SUBMIT TO Brad’s Birthday Project 2013:

  1. E-mail BBBBirthdayProject@GMAIL.COM (YES that’s 4 B’s) & I will e-mail you a guitar pick with a specific size & resolution

  2. Decorate it as you wish via computer (photoshop, illustrator, paint, etc.) Use images, lyrics, birthday greetings, quotes, whatever you wish

  3. If you don’t have access to a computer, decorate it by hand & scan it or take a picture of it if you don’t have a scanner.

  4. If you really want to go all out and maybe “scrapbook” a guitar pick (ideal more for US residents),
    feel free to mail it to me but the time period to send would be the next few weeks due to mail time.

  5. If you don’t have a computer or if you don’t have access to a printer to decorate… Feel free to write a message to Brad with 250 Characters or less & I will use the computer to write out your message.

Write your name & locataion (If from the USA, State) in the submission or in the e-mail. e-mail or tweet me with any questions @irenekrygowski. As you can see, There are several ways to join the project! I will be placing 4 guitar picks per page in a professionally binded book to be personally given to Brad for his birthday! I can’t wait to see all the submissions & remember to have fun!!! At the end of the project, I will create a PDF document of the Scrapbook so that everyone can see all the submissions!


Thanks to everyone for your support!



check my submissio! sent it to the email you posted! :slight_smile:


I’m doing it!


This is a pretty awesome thing you guys are doing. I’m joining in too!


Awesome project! :slight_smile:


I’m in!


This is a really great idea and I think its great that this project will be hand delivered to him the day after his birthday. It will really make it extra special.

Count me in [biggrin]


Already sent ^^


BRAZIL!!! [biggrin]


Aaaaagh, annoys me beyond belief I wasn’t able to attend!! grr… [evil]
I hope alot of ppl attended, and I can’t wit to see the result!! You go girl!!