Dedicated To My LP family - Ace Masters


This goes out to my LP family

Ah, yeh
I didn’t expect to have so many fans
It isn’t the way I had planned
But never the less, you wanted more
So I am writing something I haven’t wrote before
I am writing to explain how greatful I am
To each and everyone of you as a fan
But not just a fan, more like family
That gave me vision creatively
I thought I was done, that I had nothing left
Like my songs had taken it’s last breath
But that was not the case, you all gave me hope
To make me say "i am giving up, hell no!"
So to you my fans, no my LP family
Thank you to all for believing in me



this is sooo great :smile:
touching …




I love it! Thank you :blush:


very nice man, keep on doing what you do :wink:


Aww that was sweet great job acemasters


Thanks for thinking to tag me in every battle so I could participate, you run thelse very well. You’re a pretty cool person, keep it up.


That is so sweet! And thank you for sharing your wonderful lyrics with us!


nice job acemasters. Creativity never dies!



My eyes hurt


I think she’s praying


:stuck_out_tongue:. I love you too guys


Maybe she just has something really small on her fingers and wants a closer look. Or she’s putting her contacts in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you :slight_smile: you’re awesome


Fortunatly you share all your lyrics with us. Thank you for :sob::slight_smile::astonished::cry: and other emotions that you caused


we are family for ever and ever


It’s so emotionally


Yes, it is <3


That was awesome I love it almost made me cry but you know some time I get emotional :cry::blush::heart_eyes:

that what I called true talent :grin: