Demos vs Album Version Debate


So after listening to Bleed It Out demo for the hundredth time (haha puns are fun) I strong belive that the lyrics are better then the studio album and got me thinking

What other demos do I prefer to the Album versions?

What about you?


Primo, Drawing and Robot Boy (Test Mix Optional Vocal Take) come to mind right now.


primo so definetly… agree @evooba


Yeah Primo was far better for me also


yes dude… the mainframe of core soldiers is always pulsing the same, ya pray for the album too?


Crawling Demo is another one
Mike’s rap bit does it for me


I reckon Pretty Birdy and SIB can trade punches forever, also I like the ‘sink or swim’ bridge POA and the ‘reap what you sew’ version of POA better than the album version. Stick ‘n’ move from the Xero mix tape I think can rival Runaway as well. I too prefer Primo.


I love the “Sink or Swim” POA


Although this demo actually didn’t make the album, Chance of Rain could’ve replaced any song on Minutes to Midnight and I would still be happy.


Debris, So Far Away, Across The Line and Pretend To Be were all great demos as well.


LPU 12 was the best LPU imo. There wasn’t a single song that I disliked on it.


Although this topic is more based on songs that did make it against it’s demo counter-part

With that being said I think Animals could easily made it


Animals, Primo, Apaches (For the guitar solo), Debris, and The Catalyst, sounds better without voice effects and louder guitars.

For instrumentals I go for Hemispheres, Cumulus, Can’t Hurt Me, Berlin One Version C, HeartBurn, After Canada,Consequence A+B and Dark Crystal. :slight_smile:


Fear could have made it, the rap has a nice vibe, it feels like it fits with the song better.


I liked the chorus on Fear.


Untitled will probably always be my favorite demo alternative. Most of the Hybrid Theory ones are the best because they changed so much. I also love Drawing as an instrumental, but not sure how it would actually rival the final song


Excuse me, I don’t know talk or write in english xD. But, in my opinion Coal and Halo are quite entertaining and youthful. They remind me the songs of Joe. Could be songs that serve a new album.:grin:


You know im so far like you im just in to the demos but i it will be so cool if they add some fom live shows like before lpu versions :v:️:wink:


I would love for Linkin Park to play a prank

So like they go to play say In The End and as people prepare to song along mike goes “It starts with one, mulitplies until you can taste the sun”

Would be awesome to hear demos live

And I hear that there is NO live recording of Carousel which I would love to hear live


Primo is most emotional and deeply than I’ll be gone.