Demos You Wish Were Songs?


Which demo(s) do you wish were completed? Any instrumentals you would love to hear with lyrics to them?

Personally, I would like to hear:

-Fear (Mike is great on this, but I think Chester singing vocals on this version would be amazing)


Across the line




I for one think What We Don’t Know is album worthy. In terms of instrumentals, definitely ‘Soundtrack’ off LPU11, what a great tune.


Drawing, Fear (I believe Mike’s rap totally fit the song’s vibe), Program, Broken Foot, Pale and Plaster


Across The Line
I Have Not Begun
What We Don’t Know (The best song ever)






QWERTY is a final song made for LPU6


-Across The Line
-Pretend To Be
-What We Don’t Know
-Broken Foot

Qwerty, but…yay, it’s already a final song (on LPU6), even if just a LPU song




QWERTY is a final song made for LPU6


What We Don’t Know, Fear, Reading My Eyes, and Pretend to Be!


She Couldn’t


[quote=Antoine Pandobox Morin]What!? NOBODY SAID NO ROADS LEFT???


The charm of demos is that they’re unfinished; they’re the original song untouched by anybody except their author. Pale is an awesome instrumental and even though it has a form of a traditional song (intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, outro) it would only get worse with lyrics added. This song has come to a place where band couldn’t add anything despite unfinishness of it. All the lines developed in such way that adding another melody (lyrics in this case) would ruin the song.

On the other hand, Program and Broken Foot feel unfinished in the other way. They don’t have many instruments, in the verse there’s only a simple guitar riff along with drums which wouldn’t interrupt Mike’s voice.


Broken Foot


[quote=Antoine Pandobox Morin]What!? NOBODY SAID NO ROADS LEFT???

Seriously! I was just thinking the same thing!!! I would have loved for that one to be on there.


Blue, Slip, Qwerty, Across The Line, Fear, Dedicated, Pretend To Be, What We Don`t Know, I Have Not Begun ^^


Fear is just Leave Out All the Rest with Mike singing and rapping. I kinda wish they had gone with this version for the album, though.

Soundtrack, Halo and Divided are the instrumentals I’d want to see the most. These are 3 absolutely amazing tunes. Throw in some raps and harmonized vocals and they’d be amazing final songs.