Did anyone else not get their PRE order on the mail?


It’s the 26th in australia now and I haven’t got mine :frowning: should I just wait?


The e-mail might be delayed. Wait a few hours?


im from australia and i got the email with the digital copy. Still haven’t received the physical copy in the mail yet. Hopefully we get it tomorrow.


Today morning I received an email from Warner Bros which informed me that digital pre-order portion [biggrin] of my order is now available for download.

About the physical CD, around 8 days ago I received an email regarding shipping confirmation. As it is an international order, it always requires more duration. And there is our India where they often delay the international shipments in customs. So my expectations are not much high.

Anyways if it won’t come in next 15 days then I will be informing their customer service department.


Alright got mine today! :slight_smile: just in time for the big release day!


Linkin Park preorders are notorious for bad shipping times for physical CD’s - just wait buddy!


I ordered the Living Things Physical CD on Pre- order and I got also a mail with a direct download for the album.
Anyway I listened only to Skin To Bone and if the rest of the songs as good as him then i gonna LOVE THIS ALBUM!
I now just need to wait for the physical to get to israel from USA, where i ordered the albu, for (: