Did anyone get their photo with Linkin Park from Orlando, Jan 2015?


How can I get my photo with the band from Orlando? It was right before the tour ended and no notices ever came out?
Linda Cawley
Lacawley17@gmail. Com


Did you try looking here?


Hey Linda! as LP13413 said, did you check here? http://linkinpark.com/media/photos/65503

Also were you in the VIP or LPU M&G ? Let me know! Thanks! -Lorenzo / LPU HQ



I believe I was in the Meet and Greet only. I did look at the photos on that link-but none of those were from my group. We were in the group where they gave a poster from the fan who had been in a wheelchair a few weeks earlier at a M&G and had died. Chester stopped to talk with the friends for quite awhike snd I was just to the right of him. We were the 2nd group to take photos as I recall. Any chance they are still available? Thanks for looking.

Linda Cawley


Hey Linda,

Send me an email here: LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com and we can communicate there. Thanks! -Lorenzo