Did LP will be collaborate with other musicians or singers on the next album? What do you think?


As we know in the THP album, LP lot to collaborate with other musicians such as Daron Malakian of System Of A Down, Page Hamilton of Helmet, Rakim, and Tom Morello… And in the other album they also worked with Jay Z… On the next album, who’s musician you want to collaborate with the LP?


I don’t want more collaborations, I don’t know why… I prefer their 100% own stuff. Rebellion and Drawbar are amazing but I want next album to be like ATS or MtM, which is unreal because they can’t make an incredible album in few months (ATS took them 2 years, MtM 1,5 - and both LT and THP took them a few months. THP is good but it’s not the same level as ATS)


No more collaboration in studio albums. They can save them for their remix albums.
I loved the songs on THP but I’d much rather have them write their stuff entirely than have other people in too. Plus, they’re killing it live on their own (i.e Mike rapping Rakim’s part on GATS or Rebellion without Daron).

As for future collaborations I’m still waiting to see them do something with Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold and Of Mice And Men. I’m surprised they haven’t already since they’ve been friends with all of them for years.
I’ve seen people beg Mike do one with Eminem too. Not sure if that would blend well with LP. Maybe he can do it on one of his FM tracks.


eminem, maybe?


Nine Inch Nails hands down, and Muse :heart_eyes: I would loveee to hear their voices infuse with Chester’s!


Nice! I didnt even think about Avenged Sevenfold. :grin:


Didn’t think about Muse either, that would be pretty amazing actually.


I hope there will be more collaboration between Fort Minor and Chester singing ‘Welcome’ as when they performed ‘Where’d You Go’ like this… :blush:


YAY!!! Muse! :smiley: That’d be so awesome :smiley: