Did they get rid of messenging people?


i remember talking to someone i met at a meet and greet but that was years ago. i finally got my account back but i don’t see any option for it.

can someone help me out?


Nope, no messaging feature unfortunately. The only thing I can think of is to tag the discobot as follows (the discobot is a bot and not a real person):

@discobot start new user

That should give you a notification that opens a private thread with the bot, you can try inviting somebody to it but I have no idea if it will work at all.


The new app allows you to message others, but it also requires the other person is using the app, and the messages can’t be accessed from the website


Ah yes, forgot about that. Word of caution though, the app is quite glitchy, at least it was for me.

OT: Congrats on the promotion @jFar920 :slight_smile:


App? What app are you talking about?


There’s a Linkin Park app available on the Apple and Android stores. It works decently on iOS from my experience, but apparently it may be buggy on Android. You log in with your existing information and it carries over everything from the website, it’s just that messaging is app only


*furiously attempt to a minimum of 4 times (on android).