Did they have any shows left for this year?


was birmingham the last tour date? or there are other tour dates?


I would give the band some time to heal before we hear an official statement. I wish I could answer that. I wish that the band can pick up the pieces and continue one day. But right now, I think it’s best we give the Bennington family and the Linkin Park family and community time to grieve.


yeah that is what i was thinking… I don’t think any LP fan would get mad if their show is cancelled since all of this happened all of a sudden and it’s honestly terrible. I don’t want the band to feel the pressure of having to continue despite of all of this.


I agree… though I would like to believe people would still show up and sing along to the songs


Absolutely! I imagine everyone would show up, but we’d all be sobbing! I have tix for 9 days from now…even if they could find someone to fill in, there is NO WAY the rest of them could perform after this tragedy. My thoughts are with the guys and their families (as they all seemed to be “a family”). I am especially heartbroken for his children who, because of this terrible disease, have been robbed of their childhood and will always question (consciously or unconsciously) what part of them is so unlovable that their Dad would leave. Truly a tragedy for everyone involved—I’m so sorry you all are going through this!! :cry:


I will still go to the Houston show on the Aug 22 just to give them my support


I think they will cancel all the tour. Mike won’t be able to sing it. Chester is gone now and NOBODY can replace him


Agreed. Mike can sing but he cant do what Chester could on the mic. I see the tour being done with and the group needs some time they were really close and im sure this hit them harder then it did us. RIP Chester we will miss you.


You may forget about more LP stuff. It is over. Not the same without Chester. If he left the band it would be different. But he died and that changes everything


Yes. The North America tour is about to start next month. I was going to attend two of their shows (Lake Tahoe and San Jose). It would have been my twenty-first time. Now he is forever gone. I’m so sad. I’m crying right now.


I hope LP did enough to get into the rock hall of fame. They deserve it.


They were suppose to come to charlotte in 3 weeks… I’m pretty sure is tour is cancelled :frowning:


They do deserve that. Chester was the best vocalist ever


Only time will tell if they get elected or not. Its a shame im sure they still had more albums in em too, now One More Light is the final one.


I have tickets for August 5th and we haven’t gotten any word about what’s happening. Ticket agent told us the band hasn’t officially given any word yet on what they’re doing, that we should wait to see if they’ll refund all ticket sales.

Even if LP carries on with a replacement singer, I doubt they could get back on stage that soon. I’d guess the summer shows will be cancelled, probably the rest of the tour, too.


Come on guys. Be a bit respectful. Chester passed away few hours ago, let them be silent. Mike confirmed his death and we have to wait. Money or the gigs are not important right now. There is 100% chance they will cancel tour and I wouldn’t be surprised if today is the last day of the band ever. It would feel wrong. So let them grieve and just be patient.


I’m absolutely devastated. In live in Australia, and was trying to get the money together for their show in Birmingham in July, which is where my husband was from who died in February but just couldn’t make it so close to my husband’s death. My son promised me he’d take me to their next Australia tour. I just can’t believe it. Such an terrible waste of such a wonderfully talented man. My heart really goes out to the whole band, everyone who worked with him, all his family. This is going to be a huge culture shock for the band. They must be in a very dark place at the moment.


I was so excited to go to my first show to see them on August 1st. I am just keeping his wife and kids in my thoughts and prayers.


Yes, I agree. I certainly wouldn’t expect them to carry on any tours for a while. It’s going to take time not only to process, but to work out where everyone else in the band wants to be. It’s not like you can just advertise for another Chester. Each and every one of them will need time to think, grieve, and then decide what the hell they’re going to do. Don’t pester them guys. For giving such fantastic music for so long, the very least us supporters can do is help them through by not expecting anything of them at this time.


There definitely won’t be a replacement for Chester in any show, that will just never happen. I think assume everything from here is cancelled, I doubt you’ll hear anything from the venue until the band make an announcement. It’s only been a few hours.