Did you complete the survey?


One thing i love about LP is how good they are to us fans! I really like the idea of them putting out a survey for their fans to get their opinions out there. Its a great thing that they care what their fans say. I think it also good because it tells them what we thought of there stuff and what we want in the future. I hope they look at them. I want to know y’all thought of the survey? Did you take it? If you haven’t taken you definitely should and answer honestly, get your voice herd!


Yea, i complete the survey :3
The hardest part was when you should choose your 3 favorites Linkin Park songs … D;

Whatever, that was a nice survey :smiley:


i did :slight_smile: im surprised, it was a survey i actually liked doing :smiley: but thats not actually surprising XD i like anything LP related :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish we could pick our three favourite songs per album, this would be a little easier :wink:


The hardest part of it for me was choosing three bands you’d like to see live with LP. I just chose random bands that i listen to haha


Yes, I did.
The hardest part of it for me was chossing 3 songs and 3 videos.


Yes, I completed the survey and I thought it was cool. I just had a terrible problem choosing my favorite songs and videos because I love them all and I didn’t want to choose, lol! But I did anyway since it was part of the survey and it was the only survey I’ve ever enjoyed doing because it involved LP. [razz]


Completed. Hardest part was naming the bands I would want to see perform with LP… I think LP should just play for like 3 hours by themselves. LOL. That would be amazing.


Yes, I completed it. But those 3 favorite songs were really hard. Another thing was the reason why I couldn’t participate their show of the last tour as they only gave options like “they didn’t come to my city” or “there was no one to go with me”. I missed the answer “I wasn’t able to go”.


[quote=Mandy1966]Yes, I did.
The hardest part of it for me was chossing 3 songs and 3 videos.[/quote]
Agreed! How dare they think I only have 3 songs and 3 videos as favorites??? lol I have like twenty favorites.