Did you get any reply from LPU for an upcoming Meet & Greet?


I joined the Meet & Greet for Rock am Ring next week, and I was one of the first who logged in there (you know at lpunderground.com/events). Did anyone of you got a reply if you got picked?


I think you get the message just 2 or 3 days before the show if you were chosen.


It has nothing to do with when you signed up for the M&G - you are selected randomly and only about 30-75 (numbers are quoted from Adams blog about M&G) people will be chosen for the M&G.


When/What time you sign up for a meet and greet does not effect who get’s picked or not; people are chosen randomly. You will be notified by email from LPUHQ if you are chosen 2-3 days before the show. If you are not chosen then you will not receive an email so keep checking because you wouldn’t want to miss it! Good indication if you didn’t get chosen will be if people start posting in the forum that they got picked for the Rock Am Ring M&G and you didn’t get one yet. Still check because they might not send them all out at once so keep faith. When I got picked for the MSG show in 2011 I got an email like a week before so it varies a bit.


I was chosen for the M&G in Skive, got the mail from LPUHQ two days ago, and the show’s on Wednesday, so it was about a week before the actual event. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we’re only 36 people signed up for that particular M&G, so we were all chosen.

But good luck with the Rock am Ring M&G - it will most definitely be an out-of-body experience!


Thank you for the reply! ^^