Did you get same Christmas gifts like me? :D



So far I’ve only gotten money, but I have some of that same stuff (LPU14 stuff, LPU11 CD, THP CD)


I hope that soon will be concert(s) in Europe…where I will wear this t-shirts :slight_smile:


the tshirts looks really cool. i, too, only have the cds :smile:


One of my presents were ATS Tour Edition and an LP calendar 2015 :grinning:


Really? I never see sell LP calendar


Yeah, my sister had order this from german bookstore (Thalia) and I had see it at ebay but it´s a german seller too.


:blush: it´s great


I got a calendar, too :smile:


I want too :smiley:


I got the LPU XIV bundle, it comes with the XIV CD,T-shirt, Laminate, guitar pick, letter from Chester,LP7 key ring, cool artwork stickers and LPU11 underground CD


I have this packet too, and came day before Christmas Eve …it was soo amazing for me :blush:


No LP presents for me :weary:
But Santa brought me some money so I can buy a better camera and shoot better pics on my future concerts :blush:


My son and I got LP concert tickets!!!


It´s great too :blush:


You win :smiley: it´s the best gift


i got a LP wallpic (100 x 70 inch) :smiley: _


I got a LP CD and an early birthday present, tickets to see them in concert in January. I can’t wait.


I believe that you cant wait…i every day see if will have concert in Europe :smiley:


@vercamaj after spending time here in LPU, I think I too should attend a concert in Europe :smile: