Did you miss the iHR festival? [link to video]


My friend found an HD video of the full LP performance on youtube and I thought I’d share it with everyone, since I know a couple of people missed out. Watch it while you can. Just know that it might take a reaaaaaally long time to buffer.




Thanks, this is amazing


i think mike was being very funny :slight_smile:


lol yeah


Yes, he was. I liked how he tried to trick the crowd into saying “Linkin Park sucks.” lmao.


I felt a little bad for LP when I was watching this video. They did an awesome job and the quality of the performance was really good! I know that most the crowd probably wasn’t there to see Linkin Park, but MAN they were just dead!

I can’t emagine that playing a concert in front of such a crowd is very fun.


I thought the crowd was decent enough (for such a diverse crowd as they had), especially when Mike was trying to get them to chant along with him. But yeah, I agree, the crowd could have been a bit more receptive to them. x3