***discovery***the experience with LP => LPU***


I was one week in holidays and no contact to the lpu, now I know that I missed it, cause every evening I look at & when my schedule allowes, also in the morning… it means relaxion and laughing to me in my everyday life, do you know what I mean? And by the way you get some people good known ´cause of writing with them and by the way either, you make real friendship, family you choose on your own. No mobbing, support and some nice words, I mean, isn´t it what life´s about? What do ya think, guys?



Yes, the members here are really friendly. I visited other forums where some people were not able to follow the rules or attacked me right after I wrote only 2 or 3 postings. Or ignored new members. Terrible!


as I saw the posts today, it makes me feeling like, you are amazing,

Let´s call ourselfs Linkin-family, isn´t that´s a good idea? We accept everybody in his specific way to be…
so now enough with these emotions, did anything funny happened today in your life?