DJ Nerd42 - Lost in the Echoes (Linkin Park vs Pink Floyd) mashup ft Dert Floyd


“Lost in the Echoes” is a new mashup by DJ Nerd42 which combines “Lost in the Echo” by Linkin Park with “Echoes” by Pink Floyd as reinterpreted by Dert Floyd. It is part of an ongoing series of audio mashups to be released weekly which together make up a brand new mashup album “Linkin Things” that reinterprets every track from Linkin Park’s “Living Things” (2012)

DJ Nerd42 is dedicated to the craft of the mashup concept album, where all the tracks work together to tell a larger story.


big project nice idea, put it in my playlist, thanx :sunglasses:


I don’t want this to come off badly (towards the other one), but this one is much better than the previous one you posted, I feel the songs fit better


@TripleXero thats me thinking either it´s special but special mooded sit needs special mooded music, I can feel it… :relaxed:


Not, bad. I can’t say about the other one because I haven’t heard it.


Yeah, I guess “We Burned This City” is probably the worst track on the album. It was released first only because it has the best music video. Things should hopefully only get better from there. :slight_smile:


They´ll sure do, link for watching the video???@DJ_Nerd42 :laughing:



@TripleXero Thanx, Jordan (I :heart: your name!!!)