DJ Nerd42 - Roads to Black (Linkin Park vs Fort Minor) mashup


“Roads to Black” is a new mashup by DJ Nerd42 that combines Linkin Park’s “Roads Untravelled” with Fort Minor’s “Red to Black”. It is in ¾ time and both of the original songs feature Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda. This is part of an ongoing series of audio mashups being released weekly which together make up a brand new mashup album “Linkin Things” that reinterprets every track from Linkin Park’s “Living Things” (2012) DJ Nerd42 is dedicated to the craft of the mashup concept album, where all the tracks work together to tell a larger story.


Mike sounds really bass-tuned, a bit faster mb? Only constructive meaning… but I like both songs and you get a like rom me :kissing: