*** Do not post any official Linkin Park releases ***


Please do not post any official songs or albums including leaks of Linkin Park on the forums. This goes for LPUnderground media as well. Thank you

-LPU Staff

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hey @Derek, no longer posting mb you tube vids here?


Nearly every officially released Linkin Park song, aside from LPU songs, is on the official Linkin Park YouTube channel, so I would assume those are fine. I think this post is mostly targeting download links, though


hey @triplexero, where have you been lately? :blush:

[insert totally nifty topic here]

Wow. so we are not allowed to share Linkin Park music on the Linkin Park’s own forums? Wow… Makes so much sense…

Good to know cause I was not aware of this rule…


This is what I assumed - it’s not about video embeds but download links and the like, especially when it comes to fresh releases.


Meh, made one change it this was opened.


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