Do you have children?


I Everyone!![biggrin]
I wonder if members here have children?
I have three: Wyliam, 6 years old, Alys-Ann, 4 years old and Lexie, 2 years old!


Gorgeous kids!! Yes i have two, Samuel 18 and Ellie 11. Ssdly their taste in music is not as good as mine lol


hahaha!!! So sad lool


This 19 year old college student doesn’t really want kids.


not yet! But i hope one day


Yours are sooo cute :slight_smile:
I hope I’ll also have a wonderful husband and some great children someday :slight_smile:


your children are adoreable nataly

and LUCKILY i do not have any
because im 19

(yeah yeah, i know there are a lot of people under that age who already have them etc
no offence people, but its just my opinion , we, are way too young then to get kids already)


I have one little boy, he’ll be 6 on the 24th of this month. When he was younger he’d fall asleep watching NIN’s DVD concert video of Beside You IN Time. Now he’s a LP fan just like his mom and dad[biggrin]

With his hair long and curly


BTW your children are beautiful


Your kids are so cute! I have 3 children. Vincent is 8, Noah is 4, and Jocelyn is 2. I am proud to say that my boys love LP and sing along to most of the songs :slight_smile:


ooohhh your kids are so cute JC and Karina! My childs love so much « Blackout » hahaha!


I have a little daughter, Oxana, who’s just about to turn 2.

But I don’t really know how to post pictures here loll [smile]


Everybody here have beautiful children. Sadly, I don’t have any children. :frowning:


Nataly… your children are absolutely beautiful I also have three but mine are much older, Joe is 15, Kelly is 13 and Ben is 10, All three listen to LP.


Not yet but my wife and me are waiting for a baby. He /or she, but it seems that it will be he/ will be born in September. [smile]


beautiful children, Nataly! I really want three children, but so far I am a proud mother of two boys, David - 2 years old, and Matei - 9 months.


yes i do, i have 4 children: Kierian 13 ( tomorrow), Lindsay nearly 11, Owen 6 1/2 and Chelsea 2


Hey Nataly,

I’m 23 and I’ve got two kids. My daughter Rinoa turns 3 years old next month. And my son Ryan is 1 and a half. He turns 2 in October!

Not sure how to post pics as well. I’m fairly new here.
But your kids are really, really beautiful! :slight_smile:


Two beautiful little girls. Kate Helena (10 months) and Mia Elizabeth (2 years).


Yes, I have 3 girls, Isabelle (Izzy) who is almost 10, Brynn who is 6 and Camelia (Cami) who is 4.

Here is the most recent all of us picture with my girls.


i have a little boy, diego, 3 years [heart]