Do you know Papa Roach? What do you think?


I’ve made a papa roach remix! Afther doing a Linkin Park remix. I started to love doing remixes so actually they turned me on. So here is my next remix ‘Still Swinging’ from papa roach. Thank You Linkin Park for turning me on into this!


hey, i just met you,
and this is crazy,
i made a remix,
so vote me maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Papa Roach are amazing, will see them live, toghether with Stone Sour on 12/04/12 in Berlin.


They are a great band! New record is amazing!


I was at Papa Roach’s concert this Saturday in Poland and it was fucking amazing!
I can’t feel my legs, arms but it was totally worth it.


Papa Roach is my second favourite Band they are so fucking amazing!!! I hope see them in live one day ____


They’re my sec fav band after LP at the moment.
Could listen to them the whole time XD

Haven’t seen them live before, but I hope that it’ll be happen, soon.


i know of them, they have some pretty good songs


One of my favorite bands ever

The new record The Connection is amazing like the other albuns.