Do you like black veil brides?


Hello … I want to know if you guys like black veil brides or other bands like them … Ultimately i’ve being hearing a lot of their songs and for me its really good … How about you ? Do you like them ? ") …


At first i thought they were just guys who are a only selfish musicians. But after reading an articel in Kerrang! about Andy my opinion changed because he talked about his passion for music and his feelings regarding to the prejudices against his band. But i have to say that i still don’t really like their music. For me it’s something that you can listen to on the radio but i wouldn’t buy a whole album. But now i got respect for them because they really have to suffer from all the hate they face.


A friend of mine really LOVES the Black Veil Brides. She loves them as much as I LOVE Linkin Park.
So two years ago she and I and some friends went to a BVB concert in The Netherlands. I didn’t really know them. It was a fun evening. i remember in particular that I enjoyed ‘we are the fallen angels’. Everyone sang along with that one.
After the show, we went to exit doors and got a couple of autographs of Andy, Ashley and Jake… or was it CC? :stuck_out_tongue:
So yeah my friend had the best day of her life.

Personally Linkin Park is my band. It speaks to me on every possible level. When I see LP live I go nuts… I cry, smile, scream. Just everything.
BVB is a fun night out for me. But they had fun chemistry on stage. They made lots of jokes. Really talked to the audience.
Lol Andy’s pants were a size too big so he had to pull them up constantly. His own belt broke. And the belt he had on during the performance didn’t do it’s work for some reason. So he constantly had to grab for his pants. And he was teasing everyone with what if it does fall off :P. So yeah. If you really are a fan, you must see them live. Only if you are able of course


I used to be a really big fan of Black Veil Brides. I got the opportunity for a meet and greet at a show in Amsterdam. Unfortunately it got postponed by half a year because the singer broke his nose or something.

So after half a year waiting to meet them it sucked balls. They were all arrogant and didn’t care about their fans. I did get autographs and a hug but their faces just looked really annoying. The meet lasted 1 minute and then they went backstage again.

And they couldn’t play live. The singer couldn’t reach every note and the guitar solo’s were to difficult to play live. I was really sad and dissapointed and after their third album came out I quit being fan.