Do you ship Bennoda?


Hi everyone :3
Yeah im new here and I just wanted to know how many of you ship Mike x Chester as I only know 1 person who ships them so far. It would be awesome to talk to people who do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Bennoda is not cool, and your not going to see too much of that here because not like that site that host this kind of stuff, we actually respect all the members of LP enough, not to write stuff like that. I am into fanfiction, but not the fan type stories who think it is alright to write these types of stories. I am a supporter of all equal rights, but I still do not think it is right for a fan to go out and write inappropriate stories about their favorite characters, musicians, actors, or writers. So no, and people are into that then I don’t know what to say but this is probably not going to get post or it might be taken down by the mods.


While @intheend was a bit harsh about it, she’s most likely right about the kind of reaction that it is going to get here. Don’t let that discourage you from staying around the forums, though


No, simply because people get so into it and actually believe that they are a thing. They’re just best of friends, all 6 of them are. Some people take it too far and it is direspectful, especially since they don’t like it. I agree with @intheend, it’s not about supporting equal rights or not (which I do as well), it just doesn’t feel right (basically because that’s not the case at all).


I didn’t mean to come off rude, but we are all right. @EvoOba @TripleXero @intheend


First off; Welcome to the forum :smile:

Second; In all honesty… The whole Bennoda thing makes me cringe and feel very disgusted. Here on this forum we try not to talk too much about their personal lives. Because it’s none of our business.

To each their own ofcourse. Much to my own discomfort, I often see Bennoda crap passing by on Tumbr and the likes. You might have a better chance meeting fellow Bennoda Fans there, than here. :smile:


For once I’m glad that I haven’t the slightest clue what you’re on about. And no, I don’t want to know.


@Gatsie, about Bennoda:

@The_early_walker takes it One Step Farther with Bennoda + The User = Benusoda


@samuel_the_leader: I know we’ve had a Bennoda moment in the Once Upon A Time saga. But…
I’m still not a fan of the Bennoda.


Ok @Gatsie can u continue this story?


loool I’m trying to think of something to write @samuel_the_leader.



@Gatsie I’m sure for the first Once Upon A Time story, you sure loved Chester getting pregnant with Bennoda baby…


@samuel_the_leader ok that meme was hysterical. and some Bennoda stuff is cute and even a bit funny. But a lot of it is stomach turning though…


What´s that? Can´t come thrue, Bennoda we used in our “saga”@samuel_the_leader, but it was writers persona, you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and that´s all, if sm people make shit from things, jokes, nice people, they make them monkey ttheirselfs, remember:
Envy must be earned


I actually like Monkey Mike :monkey: :heart:


@The_early_walker this Bennoda idea wasn’t new, ppl already talked about it since just over a decade ago.
Haha but @The_early_walker u take it One Step Further cuz u have Benusoda, which is a threesome between Mike + Chaz + User.


OMG, I bet there are plenty of Benoda fans who’d love to be the “User” :see_no_evil: :scream: :expressionless: :smirk:


yeah, @gatsie, I slowly get it, so, there is one side of fans which think it´s allright to skip the names together and a fangroup which don´t, did I get it?? And whats the point? :confused:


Bennoda has the same concept as Brangelina (Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie) The fans fantasize that they are a :couple:

This sums up Bennoda: