Do you support Music for Relief?!


A little late by a few MONTHS but I totally won Joe and Chester’s Bday Challenge! Sorry had to brag :smile:


I support them, everytime tey st a great Challange, if you have won one, what was the prize? :sunglasses:


I received a personal thank you video from Joe and Chester. Though I can’t figure out how to upload it here?


That’s pretty cool! I haven’t physically supported MFR myself, but I think it’s an awesome cause. I wish I would have paid and gotten to the Download to Donate albums though. Had no ability to when they were around


Donated to one of their fundraisers, received this.

*Bad quality, i know. I still haven’t hung it, got it a few years ago.


I got a high quality original photo with their autographs, but it is hanging nearly a year. Thereby there was a t-shirt of the Campaign, it´s a good feeling, to have both, a good thing done and a nice “thank you” received


Haven’t donated a lot of money or anything but I try to promote it whenever. I once did a school project based on it lol


@The_early_walker It does feel great to give and bonus to get back like a video from your idol personally thanking you by name! I was at work when I got the email and I literally screamed and the whole office looked at me. Lol :grin:


@EvoOba That is awesome!!! I always represent for Linkin Park and MFR. I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing about how awesome LP is haha.


Can’t say I talk about LP a lot cause I don’t, but MFR is different.


They are totally related, but yes also different. I have donated to MFR many times and will continue. It would be nice to put something together locally here in Orlando to get involved.