Do you think Linkin Park will play more shows in Germany?


do you think it is likely that Linikin Park is going to play more shows than the ones already annouced in Germany?
I’m asking, coz so far the only show I’ve read about is in Berlin (and 2 festivals) but it would be very expensive for me to go to Berlin, as I live far away. But if it is the only possiblity I might do it anyways.
But I thought maybe they will announce more shows in Germany in the near future…? What do you think?

Sorry for my english.


This year? Definitely no.
It’s too late to announce a show.


Ok, thanks… :frowning:
I just though because I just resently read about the show in Berlin and that will be in beginning of September… maybe I just missed it (didn’t read about it) before.


They will be performing in Berlin on September 3rd :slight_smile:


They already have 3 dates there this summer, and did 11 shows in 2014, so nope.


Like An said, these shows will take them to 14 for The Hunting Party so they aren’t going to add any others. That’s the most of any country outside the United States by far. They’ll definitely return on the next album tour, though, as Germany is one of the biggest fanbases in the world.