Do you think Mr Joe Hahn will announce a DJ set performance in Europe Venue?


I have a feeling mr Hahn will play a dj set in berlin like he did in china…hope he announces it early on so that its easier for us to plan


Maybe he does it with mike together? At the 2.9.??? That would be a hammer, as I think, most of the FM audience is LPU, maybe it would be a wonderfull party for us with them in that lil venue! :smile:


I hope for the same…it wud be such a blast after the FM concert to have a cool after party… I just hope they dont keep it in a random city like copenhagen…will be hard for me to work the schedule


oh no, kopenhagen? What is this? sth to eat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How did they managed it in china?


Copenhagen is a city, not sth to ‘eat’!


Thank you Mr. Leader, and miso soup is a powder, mixed with water to drink it, but you faiil this time:
Kopenhagen means naked man on stones!!! And if you like, you can eat them (only as a women)


Cannibalism? How evil! You just destroyed all hope for humanity…


sorry my dear, learn it better earlier than later: There is no humanism, sorry,but try to take it like Ladybead carries his destiny… Huahahahaha, huuhhhhhahaha :space_invader:


OMG! wuhahahaha!

I would love for Mike and Joe to tour with a nice lil FM meets DJ Hahn set though :smiley: