Do you want to Linkin Park song other than "Rolling In The Deep" and "Umbrella" ? What song you want to hear?


Do you want to Linkin Park song other than rolling in the deep and umbrella ? What song you want to hear ?


hä? what? is there any sense inthere I don´t understand?


My intention is covered songs by Linkin Park … forgive me if I mean less obvious…:slight_smile::blush:


They also covered Queen of the Damned. I like it very much!


It’s not a cover, it’s a song from Queen of the Damned soundtrack. It’s not by LP, only Chester is on it


I really enjoyed their covers of My Own Summer and Wish. Sabotage was also a pretty sick addition to BIO.


Ok, I was not really sure (whether this was called cover or not), but I like that one with Chester a lot.
I have read on Wikipedia now. I heared the song before by Korn (or Jonathan Davis, not sure if the complete band did it) and liked it very much too, but I like it a little better with Chester.


I like a lp version of Mother Love Bone´s Holy Roller


I want them to cover a pop song in rock style, in the way like Phedora did it with “Love Me Like You Do” or “Bad Romance” (Bad Romance cover was only live song back in the day, they never recorded in in studio - but LMLYD was recorded and never performed)


I want Linkin Park to sing Quit Playing Games With My Heart :stuck_out_tongue:


Any song by Red
Any non party related song by Hollywood Undead
Home -Blacklistt
Yours truly - Blindspott
Silent war - Blindspott
S.U.I.T (so us is this) - blindspott
Bring me to life - Evanescence
You make me sick - Of mice and men
Broken generation - OMAM
Monster - Skillet
Whispers in the dark - Skillet
World so cold - 12 stones
Rawkfist - TFK
Anthem of the lonely - Nine leashes
Believe your eyes - Nine lashes

There are plenty of songs that would sound awesome if LP covered them but this list would be too long.


Nice! Do you think Chester can pull Broken Generation off?


Easily, if he can do War, No more sorrow, LGM and other such songs he can do Broken generation.


They should also do
Ten thousand fists and Down with the sickness by disturbed. I wanna see how Rob would play them.


I disagree but it’s ok :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s ok, but how so?


Cause he’s not that good anymore. He’s struggling so much lately to pull songs like Given Up off. I don’t know… I just feel like he can’t push himself that hard anymore, he’s kinda lost a part of his voice.


It’s because the weak stuff from MTM, ATS and LT have weakened him. He just needs to start practising again. And no, I’m not one of the haters of ATS and MTM. How can you possibly hate ATS with When they come for me on it? :joy:


I hope that’s the case…


Me too, i don’t want Chaz to lose his badass voice.