Does anyone here play guitar?


Hi all,

Big fan of rock music. When I got sick of listening to the modern electronic crap on the radio, I though I should go back earlier and check out some of the rock music bands that I had never heard of and missed out on. Bands like foo fighters, nirvana, soundgarden, to linkin park, limp bizkit, P.O.D, static-x, system of down… All bands of those types had inspired me to play guitar! I also got sick of playing guitar hero about 6 years ago and thought, I’m gonna buy a guitar. So there I was, I started out small, bought a guitar + amp package off ebay and since then, I continue to play guitar for my own amusement. I also later down the track got myself a bass guitar and another electric guitar, the electric guitar is a squire by fender strat and the bass is also squire from fender bass. Those 2 guitars have been great so far. I also decided to add on some boss effects pedals, I have the chorus ensemble, super overdrive and distortion ds1 pedals. But my argument is, overdrive or distortion? We’ll get back to that but this proves if you have ever thought of playing guitar, don’t say no and get a starter guitar, start playing it and I can guarantee, you’ll have a lot of fun! I also want to give credit to ultimate guitar, they have some good tabs! I see myself getting an electric drum kit later on too but I have nobody to jam with :frowning:


Is necroposting looked down on here?

I’ve tried off and on to find some people to write music with over the last 6 years with little success. I have a bass guitar and used to play it frequently until I got it signed by Kerry King of Slayer…haven’t touched it much since, though if I had a second guitar and people to jam with in my area I’d probably start playing again.