Does anyone know who Phoenix gave his pick to mid-show in Vegas? I have pictures!


Phoenix reached into the crowd at the show at Planet Hollywood on Saturday night and handed his pick to someone, and I happened to catch the whole exchange on camera. If anyone knows who was on the receiving end of the pick, let me know, and I’ll pass along copies of these pictures without the watermarks!


My apologies for the disastrous opening post! I uploaded new versions of the pictures to Flickr, and I can’t edit the OP with the new links. Here’s everything:

[signature]Photo set: Linkin Park @ Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas (2.16.13) - Lots more photos still to add!


Mystery already solved, and pics already sent! I’ll let the lucky pick recipient identify herself in case she doesn’t want to broadcast it for any reason!

[signature]Photo set: Linkin Park @ Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas (2.16.13) - Lots more photos still to add!


Those are great photos thanks so much for sharing them here with us.

That was an amazing show, One of Mikes pics landed on the floor in front of me, when I bent down to get it a guy grabbed it away from me. : / I am with a cane so could not get it back away from him without falling down.

I was sad when this happened, but that all changed when during Bleed It Out I was able to work my way up to the stage and Chester grabbed my hand.

I would have loved to seen the look on my face at that moment, I am sure that it was priceless


Great pics Siobhan! Thanks for sharing! They remind me of the Summit in Camden. Seems just like yesterday we were getting soaked from the rain to the ferry and then hitting the hotel bar after the show. [lol]


Agreed Robin, it really was such a great show! And much funnier than usual with all the wardrobe malfunctions … Chester’s open fly and Brad undressing Phoenix! I loved it, and I’m glad everything worked out in the end and you got to have a moment with Chester!

And yes Randy, I’m in LP withdrawal! Vegas was a bit of a mini-Camden reunion: Dayna, Irene, Jason, Steph, and I all made it out to the show. Don’t know how I’m going to make it waiting all the way till next year for another show!!!

For anyone who’s interested in more pictures from the show, I’m slowly updating my Flickr set with my best pictures from the show and also posting some of the more “fun” pictures to my Tumblr account! I have to go back to work today for the first time since I left for Vegas, so I won’t be updating as quickly, but I’ll be posting more pictures whenever I can!


That’s SOOOO cool you guys met up again in Sin City! Makes me wish I convinced Mike & Trinity to go and we could have met up again! I’m sure we’ll see you all in the near future though [biggrin]


Love your pictures!


Woaaow, great pics!