Does the Linkin Park Store restock shirts?


I wanted to get the 2017 ONE MORE LIGHT EUROPEAN WOMEN’S TOUR TEE but its out of stock. The person I messaged said they’ll bring it up to their team.

I dont think its likely, but is it common for them to restock? I have the mens in small and its long on me. The shirt was also way faded compared to the picture. Idk, anyone?


I’m curious about the woman’s style OML shirt as well. It’s been sold out since they released it. I figured that one was a one time sale to sell through the stock they had for the tour that is cancelled. I hope it gets restocked.


Oh wow, it sold out that quick.

That makes sense. Until then maybe tying the bottom will work:P


Yes I think it sold out within an hour or two? By the time I saw they were for sale they didn’t have my size and shortly after that they were all sold out. That was maybe last month? I keep hoping they will restock it. Maybe once they get through the tribute shirt and jackets. I’m sure those are the hottest items right now. Still waiting for an email about my jacket getting shipped. Hot off the presses I was told when I emailed the store. I hope they make more OML shirts though.