Does this forum have any mods?


I haven’t seen any mods and I’ve spotted three troll accounts asking me for my Skype o.O


There are mods, unfortunately they aren’t very active. They do exist, though. I messaged one to hopefully come




Moderators have always had a history (it seems like, especially the last few years) of not being around often (or at all) when they’re appointed.

Others like to sit back and lurk.


I’m on the site, forums and chat daily.
Besides public posts we don’t immediately see what happens on people’s profiles, so you have to report such things to us.
We do our best to remove spammers from the community as soon as possible




Make sure you guys flag anything that’s weird! Flagging is encouraged!

And protip: once you get to trust level 3 (it takes time and attendance) you can “headshot” spammers with a single flag. Which is fun. :man::gun:

The mod list can be found here, though do read the profile to make sure you’re messaging the right person…