Donating the refunded ticket money


It doesnt feel right to keep it
I dont even want to see it in my account, but Im not sure where to donate it to
My first thought is Music for Relief, but maybe it should go to something for suicide awareness?

Are any of you guys donating it? If so where?


I’ve heard people have been doing both, choose whichever feels right to you❤


im glad people feel the same way…i was gonna do Music for relief


Music for Relief is a great one. Another one you might want to consider is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They actually made a statement about Chester ( Or you could donate to both/mulitple charities, that’s what I’m doing :purple_heart: the AFSP also allows you to make memorial donations if that’s something you’d want to do in his memory.


I donated money to music for relief on behalf of the One More Light fund. I dedicated the proceeds to Chester, My dads best friend and a former co-worker. All had lost their battles with depression.